New Zealand Made

Best Bean-to-Bar

Definition: The chocolate is made in maker’s own factory using a process which starts from whole cocoa bean.  Definition of Bar: moulded tablet.

Best bean-to-bar chocolate bar – plain
Best bean-to-bar chocolate bar – with flavours/inclusions

Best Chocolate Bar

  • Chocolate bar plain
  • Dark chocolate bar with flavours and/or inclusions (Dark – minimum 60% cocoa solids)
  • Milk chocolate bar plain
  • Milk chocolate bar flavours and/or inclusions (White – minimum 30% cocoa solids)
  • White chocolate bar plain
  • White chocolate bar flavours and/or inclusions (White – minimum 25% cocoa solids)

Best Chocolate Truffle/Ganache/Filled/Bonbons

Definition: Coated or uncoated center that consists mainly of an emulsion of chocolate with cream or any other liquid including butter.

  • Dark chocolate truffle/ganache
  • Milk chocolate truffle/ganache
  • White chocolate truffle/ganache
  • Mixed chocolate truffle/ganache

Best Filled Chocolate (includes Bonbons)

Definition: Chocolates made by filling a chocolate shell.

  • Filled chocolate – dark
  • Filled chocolate – milk
  • Filled chocolate – white


Best Bark or Brittle

Definition: Bark or brittle made using chocolate.

  • Dark
  • Milk
  • White

Best Dipped Fruit and/or Nut

Definition: Best chocolate product made using fruit or nuts.

Best International

Definition: products entered into this category must be imported for sale in New Zealand.

  • Bars
  • Filled (includes Bonbons)
  • Truffles/Ganash
  • Other

Best Drinking Chocolate

Definition: This category includes plan and flavoured drinking chocolate made in New Zealand from New Zealand made or imported ingredients.

  • Plain
  • Flavoured

Best Local Product Made Using Premium New Zealand Made Chocolate Brand

Definition: A special product class for innovative products made using a New Zealand made chocolate brand. Includes products such as; ice-cream, peanut butter and flavoured milk.

Special Awards

Definition: These awards are made by the judging panel to recognise excellence in specific areas. Only New Zealand chocolate makers products will be considered.

Best Artisan

Definition: Must produce less than 100 kg chocolate/s per week

Best New Product

Definition: Launched in the 12 months prior to judging

Most Creative Entry

Definition: judged on quality, flavour and uniqueness

Best Packaging

  • Bars
  • Boxed chocolate

 Chocolate Lovers’ Choice

  • Chocolate Lovers’ Favourite
  • New Zealand’s favourite chocolate producer
  • Café serving New Zealand’s favourite hot chocolate